Ekin Cheng denies rumours that Yoyo Mung is pregnant

4 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
An AsianPopNews report said that rumor has it that Ekin Cheng married Yoyo Mung so hurriedly in Tokyo because the latter is carrying his child;

Arriving back in Hong Kong after their 3-day honeymoon in Japan, Ekin denied the pregnancy speculations, saying that he has no plans to have a child yet.

Rumours were also circling that Yoyo Mung was pregnant due to her meatier figure lately.
Dismissing the rumours, Ekin Cheng said, “There are indeed such rumours.

She is only fit!‘.

Responding to other reports that Sandra Ng had recommended her doctor to him to speed up his baby-making plan, Ekin shrugged off the report and said, “Why will I need it when I am so healthy! We do not have any plan temporarily.

‘Ekin and Yoyo’s application for an notice of marriage registration in Hong Kong surfaced recently.

Interest was aroused about the couple’s date of marriage registration as it has to be completed within three months from the application date
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