Ekin Cheng and Chrissie Chau's intimate scenes in new movie include kissing, hugging... and 'other stuff'

20 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Ekin Cheng and Chrissie Chau play a couple in romantic film 'BREAK UP 100', directed by Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui.

HK Top Ten reports that since it was his first collaboration with Chrissie, Ekin said they felt like strangers, but he believed they would work on their emotions.

Chrissie pointed out that the film, where she and Ekin play a couple who have been together for years, was very realistic.

The actors have filmed several intimate scenes so far, with Ekin jokingly saying, "Does arm around the shoulder count? We did everything that a couple would do, we actors don't mind for acting!"

Regarding their sexy and passionate scene, the director joked: "I am not a big erotic director, my standard is mainly romance. Don't worry as there will certainly be kissing and hugging. As for the other stuff, Ekin and Chrissie can accept it."

Lawrence Cheng hoped to discover another side of Chrissie. Even though she appeared in lingerie in the film, she only had to be 'healthy sexy'.  

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