Edwin Siu, Gigi Ho and Priscilla Wong caught in bizarre love triangle?

14 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Edwin Siu reportedlty announced that he fell in love with Priscilla Wong during the filming of Madam Housewife last November.

After the couple was photographed entering Edwin’s home together, he admitted that their relationship was in the midst of development, reports ON.CC. 

As Edwin apparently did not have a clean break with ex-girlfriend Gigi Ho when he became involved with Priscilla, speculations are rife that Priscilla was the third wheel.

Gigi met Edwin at Heidi Chu‘s wedding in 2011 and expressed interest in him immediately. She asked for his phone number and the couple soon started dating.

It was reported that Gigi was a very clingy and protective girlfriend. As Edwin’s career soared and he became increasingly busy with filming TVB dramas and performing in stage shows in Mainland China, the couple spent less time together.

Although the reasons for their breakup are not clear, Gigi is unable to let the past go. “Thanks to all my media friends for your concern, love and support.

"I don’t want to make any kind of response, but suddenly my mind is filled with the thought of ‘Evil cannot triumph good,’” Gigi wrote on her Weibo blog yesterday. Gigi’s statement was widely interpreted to hint at unfair love play.

Priscilla was confronted by reporters over Gigi’s controversial statement at a press event today. Priscilla said, “I will not respond!”

Asked if she was moved by Edwin’s open declaration of love and intent on pursuing her, Priscilla said, “I’m grateful towards everyone who cares about me."

She added, “We’ll let things run naturally; I just want to keep it simple.” Priscilla also slipped that she and Edwin’s relationship progressed after completing the filming of Madam Housewife.

They called each other long distance when Priscilla traveled to South America to film Pilgrimage to Football Meccas.

Despite the poor phone and Internet connections, they stayed in touch to make sure things were going well while Priscilla was overseas.

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