Edwin Siu and Gigi Ho still together despite disapproving dad

3 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and Gigi Ho’s (何傲芝) two-year relationship is an open-secret in the entertainment industry, despite the apparent objections of Gigi's father.According to a report in PopularAsians, the couple is recently in the spotlight after reports claimed that Gigi’s father finds Edwin financially unsuitable for his daughter. Mr. Ho’s disapproval did not seem to affect the couple; the two were seen enjoying an affectionate afternoon in public while in the company of close friends.On Monday, Edwin, Gigi, and Gigi’s sister Lily Ho (何傲兒) arrived at Sha Tin Racecourse to support a horse-owner friend. Fellow actors Johnson Lee (李思捷) and Matthew Ko (高鈞賢) were also in attendance, along with several others from the entertainment industry. Edwin and Gigi appeared intimate throughout the event, snapping many photos together with their cellphones.As the group prepared to leave, Gigi suddenly discovered reporters waiting in the lobby and dodged with lightning speed, leaving sister Lily and Edwin behind. Edwin, who was walking closely behind Lily, slowly fell back and moved to the side to avoid attention.The two were later asked about their behavior at the racecourse. Edwin explained that Gigi is a bit paranoid due to recent gossips. When asked whether they were there to support Mr. Ho, who is also a horse owner, Edwin said he was unaware that Mr. Ho was present, and that he was only there to support his friend. When asked to comment on the rumours surrounding his and Gigi’s relationship, Edwin once again denied that they are dating and praised Mr. Ho as a good person who taught him a lot about horses.Gigi confirmed that her father attended Monday’s race, but father and daughter enjoyed the race separately with their own group of friends. When asked if Mr. Ho is angry about her dating Edwin, Gigi responded, “No, don’t say it like that. He is not angry. In fact, he gives my sister and me a lot of freedom and doesn’t question our personal lives‘.Gigi also stated that her father is not the type who would force her to marry rich. “I have been involved in the horse-racing circle since I was 19 years old. [If my father wanted me to meet a rich guy], he wouldn’t wait until now to demand it.‘

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