Edison Chen's "sexually suggestive" ads gets pulled from Shanghai subway

4 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: ShanghaiistAn advert featuring Edison Chen, the Hong Kong actor and sex tape scandal extraordinaire, has been removed from the Shanghai Metro after numerous complaints from locals.The Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau requested the adverts for a car rental company be pulled "in consideration of the feelings of residents". Netizens had previously claimed they "felt uncomfortable" looking at the ads, claiming that they were "sexually suggestive".The ad's slogan, and Chen's pose in it, are hardly risque however. Conservative netizens seem to be reading too much into the tagline "Have fun, waste no money" due to Chen's notoriety. One Weibo user asked: "Is this ad suggesting young people save money by having fun in a rented car?"In a poll of 16,000 netizens, 55 percent said the adverts were "destructive to social morals", while only about 20 percent said they felt they shouldn't be removed.

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