Edison Chen's parents disapprove of his 'immature' girlfriend

26 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Hollywood InvasianEdison Chen's girlfriend Ann Hong has been labelled as 'immature' by his parents, who also disapproved of her, after he brought her to meet them.His parents also said that she was "unable to communicate with them".Ann is only 22 years-old and 10 years younger than Edison, so you kind of wonder what she did or didn’t do during that initial meeting?It was also reported that it didn’t matter to Ann whether his parents accept her or not because their relationship was just between the both of them, and nobody else.In addition, the Hong Kong actor planned a shopping trip for his mother and Ann to get them closer together but the paparazzi only saw her talking with Edison, rather than with his mother.So far, Edison Chen and his representative have not commented on these rumours.The entrepreneur, who met Ann while she was working at his boutique in Taiwan last summer, appears to be willing to settle down with his new love after a long string of girlfriends and sex scandals behind him.The popular Hong Kong actor was so smitten by her that he reportedly told a friend at a party that he was going to marry her next year. Later, Chen’s assistant denied the rumors.Edison Chen will be starring in the sequel INITIAL D 2, which will start filming next year.

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