Edison Chen: They all thought I would disappear, but I’m still alive

20 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

On March 7, Tencent Video began streaming a new online drama called Blind Spot <探靈檔案>, which stars Edison Chen (陳冠希) as a detective who specializes in using scientific knowledge to explain supernatural phenomena.

In a recent interview with Tencent Entertainment, Edison talkes about his life in the past five years and asserted that his career will continue to thrive, reports QQ.com via Jayne Stars.

Within an hour after its release, Blind Spot’s first episode drew 1.26 million views – a surprising result, after Ediso's photo scandal in early 2008. At that time, Edison had to withdraw from the Hong Kong entertainment industry, since no director dared to use him.

His appearance in The Dark Knight was downgraded to a three-second cameo, and the release of his action thriller The Sniper <神槍手> was delayed for a year. For four long years, Edison’s career appeared to be stuck in a rut.

Even though Edison has been keeping a fairly low profile, he has remained a popular target for the paparazzi, which enjoys publishing photographs of him pulling a long face or flipping off the cameras.

In response to such jibes, Edison has adopted the principle of 'an eye for an eye', hoping that this will lead to fair treatment for all. “If you treat me fairly and with respect, then I won’t do anything. But if you cross that line, I’ll curse you,” warned Edison.

Edison also said that the primary difference between him and other artistes is that he will not pretend to be someone else in front of the cameras.

“There are too many fake celebrities right now,” he said.

“They continue being fake for three or four years, until they go crazy or until they expose their true colors. This type of problem won’t happen to me, because I hope that I can be myself every day.”

Despite the many setbacks in his life, Edison is grateful that he was given the opportunity to discover the importance of believing in himself.

“In the past few years, many people thought that I would disappear,” he said.

“I’m still here because I believed in myself and didn’t give up. Sometimes saying that can seem unsophisticated, but it is true.”

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