Edison Chen hopes ex-lovers Gillian and Cecilia find happiness like he has

8 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Blissfully in love with his new Taiwanese girlfriend, Ann Hong (洪立安), Edison Chen (陳冠希) also hopes that his ex-lovers, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) will also find love and happiness.QQ.com reported that it has been five years since the nude photos of Edison, Gillian and Cecilia had rocked the entertainment world, with each suffering heartbreak and finding love once again. Marrying and divorcing Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) in the time span, Cecilia still believes in marriage and hopes that she can have a daughter in addition to her two sons. Cecilia also recently admitted that she has a new pursuer. Gillian Chung is currently dating Korean movie producer, Kwon, who is known as an attentive and caring boyfriend.Asked about Gillian and Cecilia’s recent relationship developments, Edison said, “I rarely read the news. I hope that each person, and not only the two of them, can happily find a person to love.‘Edison also added that finding someone to love meant more than money to him. “I am not working in this industry caring about how much money I make. When I go home and there is someone there to accompany me, that is already a great joy. Money is only a figure. Happiness cannot be purchased with money.‘Last summer, Edison fell in love with his own employee, Ann Hong, who had worked at a Juice clothing store in Taiwan. Since dating Edison, Ann no longer works and often accompanies him on business trips to the United States. The couple was photographed French kissing on the streets, with reports suggesting that Edison was eager to marry the 22-year-old this year.Appearing a promotional event, Edison denied the wedding rumors. Did Edison consider Ann to be a potential wife? “I actually don’t know. This question is asked too early and it’s unfair to ask me such a question.‘With the upcoming Lunar New Year, Edison may fly to Taiwan to spend with Ann, since he does not have a habit of spending the holiday with his family. As for Valentine’s Day, Edison said he did not have plans yet. “I need a few days to think about it more as I want to make my girlfriend happy.‘

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