Edison Chen finally makes peace with Gillian Chung over sex photo scandal: Here's what he did

1 April 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Gillian Chung's career nearly ended in 2008 when sex photos of her and former boyfriend, Edison Chen were stolen and circulated online.

Since returning to showbiz, Gillian has been struggling with her career revival as her clean image was tarnished. 
Recently, she has been focusing on rebuilding her career.

Gillian revealed that she had once bumped into Edison on the plane.  

But she immediately asked to change set as as she was uncomfortable sitting near him, reports Asian Pop News

After spotting Gillian, Edison then wrote a lengthy apology letter and asked the cabin crew to pass it to her.

Gillian revealed did not reveal the contents of the latter but said:

"A late speleology is better than no apology.

"It's a consolation to me."

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