Edison Chen cuts down partying because of 'cute and beautiful' girlfriend?

18 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Rumours regarding Edison Chen’s love life have spread nonstop since his breakup with EEG boss Albert Yeung’s niece Vincy Yeung. In October 2012, Edison fell for his Juice clothing employee, 22-year old Ann Hong.There was talk of marriage within half a year of announcing the relationship. “She is very cute, beautiful, and has her own character, like someone who is from Japanese manga,‘ Edison openly told the media, reports QQ.com. Ann is Korean-Chinese, and is known for her good looks and figure. She later became a part-time model. In 2010, Ann was invited to star in JJ Lin’s MV for 'Smiling Eyes'. Ann apparently has a warm and friendly personality.Edison has been very high-profile about his relationship with Ann. He updated posts about her on Instagram every day. Since starting a Weibo account on Valentine’s Day several months ago, Edison only followed Ann and sixteen other friends. The couple openly held hands in public and generously allowed the media to snap photographs. Edison revealed that he visited Ann’s family in Taiwan an average of ten days each month.In early June, Edison held a mini concert at a nightclub, which Ann’s family members attended to show support. When questioned about marriage, Edison said, “Of course I want to marry and have kids one day, but [Ann] still, has her dreams. I don’t want her to be unable to do what she likes.‘Reportedly, Ann is unaware of Edison’s scandalous past since she has been studying overseas. A user from a Singapore forum stated that Edison has cut back on his late night partying habits because of his girlfriend. The user revealed that on January 9, Edison was seen sending a text message in a corner of a nightclub. A day later, some friends brought him to another nightclub, but he left within two hours.One of Edison’s friends revealed, “Edison appeared restless all night, as if something was making him uncomfortable. Even though there were many sexy ladies circling him, he did not warm up to them.‘

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