Edison Chen brings new girlfriend to meet the 'godfather'

12 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Popular AsiansEdison Chen is back in Hong Kong with his new Taiwanese girlfriend, Ann Hong, who is his ex-employee in one of his Juice shops. Photos of the two lovebirds are all over Edison’s social network pages. Edison also brought Ann to meet his godfather, Anthony Wong.On Edison’s Instagram and Weibo pages, he has been proudly showing off photographs of himself and a long-haired, sweet-looking Ann. He pronounced her as his girlfriend. They were often seen in poses of loving and tender blissfulness.Back in Hong Kong to support Anthony Wong in his new stage play, Enigma Variations, Edison did not pass on the opportunity to introduce his girlfriend to his godfather. Anthony has always been supportive of Edison, even amidst Edison’s 2008 nude photo scandal. It is little doubt that they have a good relationship. Despite his busy schedule, Edison flew into Hong Kong to support Anthony in his performance last night.Even though Taiwan-born Ann may not be able to understand the Cantonese play on stage, she played the ever-supportive and good girlfriend, and accompanied Edison to Hong Kong to support Anthony Wong. Meeting Anthony backstage, Ann took a "family portrait" together. In the photo, Edison embraced Ann with Anthony smiling broadly.Although 32-year-old Edison had denied proposing to 22-year-old Ann earlier, he was definitely head over heels in love with Ann and eager to show her off!Netizens were happy that Edison found a new girlfriend. They gave Edison their blessings and some even went to the extent of giving advice to Edison. They advised Edison to not play the field anymore and cherish his current girlfriend who seems to be a nice girl.

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