Eddie Peng's crash scene in new film is more than just an act

8 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Eddie Peng Yu-Yan spent only 15 days before the production on physical training for his new film, "To The Fore", reports Hktopten.

He said, "In comparison to professional athletes, it's no big deal. At the time I just finished playing Wong Fei Hung, I was bigger. Then I trained in Hong Kong and lost weight to coordinate with real cyclist's slim figure. I reduced muscle content, the goal was to be a size smaller but to strengthen my leg muscles during training."

Speaking of the Taichung scene, director Lam Chiu Yin arranged for Eddie and Taiwan actor Cliff Cho to race on a hill.

Eddie suffered a surprise attack and was injured all over.

Eddie said, "In this scene, I had to crash hard. There wasn't much protection. My helmet was my friend. At least I wasn't dazed from the crash, only my shoulder and my bottom were scratched. Those are the places I don't need help from the make up artist."

Speaking of his cycling suit being ripped up, Eddie joked, "During the entire scene I had a very cool ride, the wind directly went on my rear."

Eddie also joked that he was "upset" at Director Lam for continuously telling him "step on it". "I kept pedaling and pedaling, in the end I finally realized that he was shooting long range. I was only the size of a bean." Director Lam said that he was rather pleased with Eddie as a professional actor. "If this film doesn't have Eddie, I wouldn't have been able to make it." 

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