Eddie Peng's agency denies that he knows Dada Chan and viciously refutes rumours of them dating

11 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Taiwanese tabloids have claimed that Edde Peng and Dada Chan have been dating for 4 months.

Reports say that the pair hooked up after starring in 'Golden Ducks 12'.

Due to their long distance relationship, the couple has been relying on webchat to keep their romance alive, reports Asian Pop News.

Dada also reportedly gave Eddie a nickname, 'Elephant', as Eddie has thick arms and a nose as warm as an elephant.

Whenever she missed her boyfriend, she would talk to an elephant toy, and referred to the nickname when she talked about her boyfriend to her friends.

Recently, Dada posted two photos of an elephant toy.

Coincidentally, Eddie also posted a photo of an elephant a while ago and wrote, 'elephants can't jump'. 

Responding to the rumours, Dada's agency said, 'Not sure'.

However, Eddie Peng's agency has denied the rumours and stressed that Eddie did not now Dada at all.

The agency pointed out that tabloids have fabricated their relationship. Shortly after, Dada also responded on her Weibo,

'Some reporters have creative imagination. I am shot even when I am sick.'

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