Eccentric Eason Chan talks about fashion and life

19 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: My PaperIrreverent, candid and loads of fun. That sums up Hong Kong star Eason Chan. The 38-year-old singer was in town recently to promote his latest Cantonese album, ...3mm.Known for his eccentric personality, it's fitting that Chan is the inspiration behind a quirky special edition of adidas Originals - the Chinese New Year edition of JS Wings.My Paper caught up with Chan to speak about fashion and his lifestyle.On why he enjoys touring"I actually do not enjoy thinking about what I am going to wear.""When touring, I don't have to do that at all."On his wife (actress-turned-fashion entrepreneur Hilary Tsui) picking out his clothes"She hasn't done so for the past five years... She used to do it; that was a long time ago!""I actually picked out my outfit today. I was going to wear flip flops, but then I thought I'd put some shoes on."On the doomsday prophecy"There was a time when I believed the world was really going to end on Dec 21 last year... But then I thought, so what? At least you can choose who you are going to spend your last day with."On how he spends his free time in Hong KongI'm a bit of a nerd in Hong Kong... I much prefer staying home watching movies, spending time with my little eight-year-old Constance).

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