Ebisu Muscats want to try chilli crab in Singapore

23 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: The New PaperEbisu Muscats must be the only gal group in which each member can rightly boast of a massive fan base - way before they made their debut as a collective unit in 2008.The Tokyo-based 22-member pop band might bear a striking resemblance to fellow all-girl outfits Morning Musume, AKB48 and SKE48 in many aspects, such as their respective strength in numbers, flexible line-up, colourful costumes and penchant for upbeat dance anthems.But that's where the similarities end. Mention the name "Ebisu Muscats" to any testosterone-charged man and you are sure to be greeted with a knowing smile.After all, the girls in Ebisu Muscats are either AV (adult video) stars or gravure idols, best known for flaunting their killer curves and ample assets in the buff. While that has always been the unique selling point of the group, in an e-mail interview with LOUD, Ebisu Muscats' three most popular members, Rio (Tina Yuzuki), Akiho Yoshizawa and Yuma Asami, declined to even scratch the surface of their porn career."No comment" was their curt reply, when quizzed on whether there were any instances when their overly sexed-up reputation got in the way of their singing profession, such as audiences not taking their vocal and dance talent seriously. Perhaps they were just determined to keep the two endeavours strictly separate.Rio, 26, Yoshizawa, 28, and Asami, 25, are among the 10 Ebisu Muscats girls who will be in town next month for a concert, as part of their first South-east Asian tour that also includes Bangkok.Point to note, it's all good, clean fun on stage."We put so much energy into Ebisu, both physically and mentally," said Rio."What makes Ebisu stand out from other idol groups is that while we have a cute and sexy image, at the same time, we can be a group of comedians too!""We do anything to make our fans laugh and enjoy."As with their previous energetic live shows in Japan, Hong Kong and Taipei, the Ebisu Muscats do not just croon and groove to their catalogue of summery hits such as Banana Mango High School, Watashi Mambo and Spring Holiday.They also chat, joke and play games with their fans."Our live tour is definitely an interactive one," said Yoshizawa."The audience knows our Muscats style very well. For example, they'd know the key words or famous lines we spout, even down to the exact timing.""Sometimes, we feel that our live shows are produced together with our enthusiastic audience and fans."The girls did not shy away from sharing that among their ardent supporters, males greatly outnumber the fairer sex."I would say, (only) 30 per cent of our fans are female and they are very supportive, we appreciate them so much," said Asami."We don't get upset if there are some females who don't like us because of our sexy image... Everyone has their way of looking at us and that is fine."If you're wondering how 22 of them manage to build a tight rapport and stay so close-knit, the trio let you in on their "secret"."We have a special online chatroom where only Ebisu Muscats members can enter and chat," said Rio."Thus, we can always communicate with each other, without us physically being together at one place.""Of course, whenever our schedule permits, we also hang out and have dinner."Their concert in Singapore will mark the first visit here for Rio, Yoshizawa and Asami.From their e-mail replies, peppered with exclamation replies and cute misspellings, it's not hard to tell that they are already excitedly looking forward to touching down on our shores."My impression of Singapore is that the city view is very beautiful... Also, the first thing that pops up in my mind is the Ma-Lion (referring to Singapore's iconic Merlion statue)!!" said Asami."Food-wise, we really want to try the chilli crab!"What's next for the Ebisu Muscats, after a series of successful concert tours around the region?Yoshizawa hopes that sometime in the near future, all 22 of them can star in a movie production together."Imagine a movie with all of us, it'll be challenging and so much fun."

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