Eastwood's new reality show nothing like the Kardashians'

11 October 2012 / 4 years 2 weeks ago

Source: The New PaperThere is only one person who dares to stand up to Clint Eastwood - his wife.Dina Eastwood certainly didn't make his day when she decided to invite a film crew into their home to document their daily lives.The better half of the veteran US film-maker is now fronting a reality television show called Mrs Eastwood & Company.The series will premiere on Aug 29 at 9pm on E! Entertainment (StarHub Ch 441).The 10-episode series focuses on Eastwood, her South African a cappella boy band called Overtone and her daughters, Francesca, 19 (from Clint's relationship with actress Frances Fisher), and Morgan, 15.Eastwood was quick to admit that her husband wasn't too pleased with the idea of having cameras in their house.The former US broadcast journalist told The New Paper from her mansion in Carmel-By-The-Sea, California: "He finds reality TV really weird and often asks why is television all about reality now."I'm 47. Clint is 82 years old. He does not really get what's going on."It's not so much of a generation gap issue but rather, Clint is a serious actor.He's not into reality TV. It's a foreign concept to him."Comparisons to another family that found fame via reality TV naturally abound."We love being compared to the Kardashians!" exclaimed the exuberant Eastwood."There is no rivalry between us," insisted the Eastwood matriarch."We consider the Kardashians to be the most savvy business people on television."Do you know we all work for the same production company, Bunim-Murray?"The filming crew are with the Eastwoods all day, where we'll be cleaning up animal poop and getting take-out food in our sweat pants without make-up."Then they're with Kardashians in their gorgeous make-up and hair and having beautiful dinners at the high-end restaurants."Eastwood said that her family are "average Americans"."We live very different day-to-day lives from the Kardashians. We're very, very normal.Also the vibe of the show is so different from theirs."The idea of Mrs Eastwood & Company was mooted in 2009 in South Africa while her husband was filming the rugby drama Invictus, which starred Matt Damon.There she discovered a "group of beautiful, young, talented boys" and "fell in love with them".She hired the group, Overtone, to do a private show for the cast and crew of Invictus, which led to the group recording eight songs on the Invictus soundtrack."I was video-taping every single thing they did and thus the show was born." Eastwood quickly relocated the band to the US."(Mrs Eastwood & Company) was sold as a show on Overtone, me managing them, and my baby brother Dominic, who's the road manager of Overtone."But once we started shooting, the producers met my beautiful and funny daughters and wanted them to be in the show," she said.Clint Eastwood says noAnd that was when the show hit a major bump on the road."Clint wasn't too hot about having the kids in the show. When it came to signing the contract, Clint decided the girls shouldn't be in it."She added that knowing how "strong-willed" her husband of 16 years is, Eastwood didn't "fight back" and decided against doing the show."But shortly after, Francesca turned 18. She told us that she really wanted to do the show and said no one can stop her."Of course, when she signed on, Morgan wanted to do it, so we let her sign on as well. Clint was fine with it at the end."Eastwood claims that their show, unlike other reality series, is free from any heightened dramas.But her daughters seem to have other ideas.In one episode, Eastwood had to deal with Morgan's teenage angst and rebellious attitude.In another episode, Francesca's romance with her photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields, 30, threatened to ruin the mother-daughter relationship.Eastwood expressed her disgust and disappointment when Francesca set fire to a crocodile Hermès Birkin bag valued at US$100,000 (S$125,000) in the name of art.Shields took photographs of the destruction and posted it on his website, which caused a major media fiasco."The 18-year-old is a wild child," acknowledged Eastwood."She's a free spirit. She'd be the one to jump into the pool naked.It makes me crazy."Eastwood revealed that she "set boundaries" for the production crew."We do have guidelines that other shows don't have.We don't shoot in my bedroom and we don't have a camera on Clint when he doesn't want it."I respect Clint so much. I'm not going to do anything to hurt his 60-year career."The Oscar-winning director did volunteer to appear in two episodes, to which his spouse is "utterly grateful".Acutely aware of her husband's reputation, Eastwood proclaimed that she would not hesitate to "quit the show if it ever interfere with my family"."My family is number one in my life, and will forever be."She clarified that she didn't do the show "to make income"."The show is just a lot of fun. It's a great way for my band to be exposed to the world. At the same time, it's a great dream for my girls.""We live very different day-to-day lives from the Kardashians. We're very, very normal."Dina Eastwood says that the family will be cleaning up animal poop while the Kardashians dine at high-end restaurants.

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