Sharp-eyed fans identify ex-AKB48 member's new BF just by this photo

16 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Sharp-eyed fans of Tomomi Itano, former member of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, may have spotted a possible new boyfriend in a photo she posted recently.

In the photo, the young star was seen splashing around in a cute pink bikini and just to the right side of the frame, a man's arm could be seen.

When enlarged, the fans noticed the arm bore a tattoo similar to Exile's vocalist, Takahiro.

Tomomi left AKB48 a year ago and is said to be working on her own projects.

Fans allege that Tomomi and Takahiro could be dating as they were holidaying together, reported Entertainment News QQ.

According to the report, the pair were rumoured to be dating as early as 2012 when they were snapped leaving an apartment building together.

The reports believed the pair were living together.

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