Eagle-eyed fans spot 4Minute Gayoon's strange 'flaw'

19 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

On the May 16th episode of 'Witch Hunt,' special guest MC BEAST's Kikwang mentioned about how 4Minute's Gayoon's unusually small ankles. 

According to a report on Daily K-pop News, many fans were curious and wanted to see for themselves if Gayoon's ankle were really unusually small.

The photos above, which are circulating the world of internet, show the differences of 4Minute's girls' ankles.

The pictures were taken from the MBC's 'Korean Music Wave in Bangkok' held in April 2012.

This is why Gayoon, who is celebrating her 24th birthday (international age) today, is labelled 'nano-ankle.'

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