Drastic changes of By2 then and now spark debate about surgery

14 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Having clinched a 10-year contract with Ocean Butterflies International at a tender age of 16, this pair of twins has been a force to be reckoned ever since.

By2, the Singaporean duo based in Taiwan has caused much hype about their alleged extreme plastic surgery transformation over the years.

According to Plastytalk, their appearances have taken on a 180-degree transformation from humble beginnings and many are raving about their beyond recognizable change.

This is their analysis: 

"Looking at both pictures, we definitely witness a slight change in their appearance. They seem to have more shapely-looking eyes, not to mention that they are significantly larger and rounder too. "by 2010, these two girls have a longer nose tip and also a slimmer nose bridge.

"Not only that, the By2 plastic surgery for the year 2010 also focused on cutting the bulging nose wings, making them less bulky.

"Both Yumi and Miko sharpened their jawline and their chin to create that feline v shape facial structure.

"In 2012, By2 has definitely done a 2nd Blepharoplasty. Their double eyelids have changed from tapered double lids to parallel double eyelids, making their eyes significantly larger.

"The double eyelid surgery also diminishes the duo’s ‘Asian’ appearance and makes them appear slightly mixed-blood and this is very evident in Miko.

"Both the twins did surgeries on their eyes in 2014. We see a drastic change in both the ladies’ eyes, especially Miko."

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