Don't worry, Stefanie Sun did not collapse after gig in China

25 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

By Boon Chan
ST Communities

Stefanie Sun fans can rest easy. The homegrown Mandopop star did not collapse after her concert in Chongqing last Saturday.

Their concern was stoked by online photos of her being carried in the arms of a bodyguard and also sitting in a wheelchair at a hospital.

She has since posted on Weibo on Monday morning: "Slept the whole day, I'm back to life! I hadn't recovered fully from the flu I had, so there was no perfect ending (for the concert). I have made everyone worry. Today I can return home to see my baby! So happy."

Her manager of six years, Mr Wayne Cao, stresses that Sun, 35, had made her own way off the stage and into a waiting car to return to the hotel after the gig.

In fact, she posted on Weibo at 10.58pm that night after performing more than 30 songs in front of some 50,000 fans: "(thumbs up emoticon) Chongqing. (I have no voice left.. haha)"

But she did not attend the customary celebratory banquet as she "had no strength". At around 1am, she felt ill and was taken to the hospital. Mr Cao says the photos circulating online were from the surveillance system feed of the hospital, which he calls "mei you liang xin" (without conscience).

Sun had to be carried at one point as the emergency department of the hospital had a flight of stairs.

He adds: "The hospital should have respected her privacy and not spread untruths which ended up worrying people." In fact, the diagnosis was that she was okay but was just generally weak. She was hence put on a glucose drip.

Earlier in June, the singer had had a bad bout of flu.

She posted on Weibo on June 11: "I've been down with a bad bout of flu these five days... It's a terrible virus this time!!" Mr Cao says that while she had recovered, she was not back to tip-top condition. Sun, who has a 1 1/2-year-old son with Dutch-Indonesian business executive Nadim van der Ros, is currently back in Singapore.

Mr Cao adds: "We hope that she can rest as much as possible and regain her physical strength quickly. Please convey the message to her fans that she is in the midst of recovery and things are getting better, she's doing well and everyone, please don't worry."

The concert in Chongqing was part of her Kepler world tour, and her Singapore stop will be held at the new National Stadium on July 5. Her next stop is Chengdu this Saturday.

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