'Don't play me': Bosco Wong responds to rumours linking him with ex-GF Myolie Wu's pal

21 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Bosco Wong has been plagued by scandals lately.

After rubbishing rumours of him owing millions to ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu, Bosco now has to deal with rumours that suggest he is romantically linked to Myolie's good friend, Elaine Yiu.

Tabloid reports claimed that Bosco and Elaine have been in a 'underground' relationship for six months.

Elaine was subsequently photograhed in a car with Bosco, and the latter's newly-opened oyster bar was said to be his 'dating venue'.

"The couple was also claimed to be keeping their relationship a secret for fear of upsetting Myolie.

When pressed about the rumours, a helpless Bosco exclaimed: "Do not play me!

"Another girlfriend for me again? I don't even have Elaine's number.

"I will definitely make an announcement when I am dating!

"Those photos (of Bosco and Elaine in a car) were taken a few months ago at the finale gathering for the show, A Change of Heart.

"Joey Meng and Vincent Wong were also in the same car, but the photos only showed the two of us.

"It's so funny. I will take it as a publicity for my oyster bar."

Elaine also brushed off the rumours, and said: "It's a joke.

"The photos were taken long ago. I am more worried about Myolie.

"Everyone knows it's not true. Myolie and I are good friends, and I have never thought of being linked with Bosco.

"Thanks to him for giving me a frontpage story.

"Bosco is a 'diamond bachelor', but I only have feelings of him like a brother."

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