Don't mess with Lea Salonga's daughter

6 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Straits Times OnlinePHOTO: SINGAPORE REPERTORY THEATREThe crystal-voiced Lea Salonga, 41, will be putting her maternal instincts to the test in the Tony Award-winning play God Of Carnage, which opens tomorrow at the DBS Arts Centre.Salonga, a Tony and Olivier award winner, is arguably best known for the 1989 stage musical Miss Saigon that made her famous as bar girl Kim.This time, she plays a mother whose son has suffered a playground beating from another boy. The black comedy tells the tale of two sets of parents who attempt to come to a diplomatic solution after their sons' altercation. Things quickly go sour.Salonga says that, thankfully, she has not experienced her six-year-old daughter Nicole getting violently beat up on a playground, though Nicole has had to navigate playground politics at school, and has also been sent to the principal's office for naughty behaviour.But what would she do, as a mother, if her child was bullied on the playground?The protective, maternal side of Salonga emerges, and she exclaims: "I honestly don't know! My kneejerk reaction is to go after the kid that beat up my kid. Or go after the parents: 'Your kid beat up my kid! You have to pay for the hospital, you have to pay for the doctors, you have to pay for whatever.'"I don't think I could be quite as diplomatic. I would probably make every attempt to be calm and collected, but that's not easy to do."Salonga spoke to Life! over the telephone from San Diego.This Singapore production of God Of Carnage, co-presented by the Singapore Repertory Theatre and Atlantis Productions, is directed by Bobby Garcia and also stars popular Singapore actor Adrian Pang, Filipino actor Art Acuna and Filipino actress Menchu Lauchengco Yulo.

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