Don't be fooled by her slender frame -- Ha Ji Won can kick your ass

3 October 2014 / 2 years 3 weeks ago

The Straits Times
Saturday, Sep 27, 2014

South Korean actress Ha Ji Won, 36, usually pulls off action stunts on her own during filming - be it racing on a horse or shooting arrows. The gutsy actress always plunges headlong into her roles and has no qualms training to execute difficult moves to make the scenes look more realistic.

For her latest show, the hit period drama The Empress Ki, she was so immersed in the role that she fell off a horse during horseriding lessons. Nothing gets in the way of this actress - not even her fear of heights.

"Although I'm scared, I'll make sure I condition myself till my fear goes away. I will practise till I'm 100 per cent confident of doing the stunt,' she tells Life! She was in town to promote the highly rated historical romance series The Empress Ki.

"Once I screamed in fear when I was hanging on the wire. So I got the action team to pull the wire to make me go up and down till I got used to it."

Unlike most of her dainty female counterparts, she is known for playing feisty, independent characters, such as a stuntwoman in the highly rated Secret Garden (2010) and a North Korean Special Forces Officer in King 2 Hearts (2012).

When she met the press yesterday, she wore a siren red gown and looked nothing like the plucky, tomboyish characters she often plays. In fact, she declares herself to be no tomboy.

She says: "If you talk to my friends from my school days, they will tell you I'm nowhere like my roles in real life. I'm a quiet girl and probably one of the most feminine among my friends. This is why I enjoy acting, I can be something that I am not."

She is single and coy about whether she has a boyfriend but admits that she has thought about tying the knot after working on her recent movie, Chronicle Of A Blood Merchant.

She says: "I had never really thought of marriage previously. But I've been working with a lot of children in my recent movie. The kids are really adorable and I enjoyed working with them and playing with them. I can envision myself starting a family and having kids. If I meet the one, I will settle down."

"The one" for her is ideally a younger man, unlike in The Empress Ki where her character is torn between a mature, manly warrior (played by Joo Jin Mo) and a younger cute admirer (Ji Chang Wook).

"I feel more comfortable hanging around younger guys. I like fun and funny guys. The pressure is not there with younger guys. I'm pretty immature myself," she says with a bashful laugh.

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