Think she's hot? She's a real-life crook who has broken into 42 homes

23 September 2014 / 2 years 4 weeks ago

Meet the Internet's hottest new hoodlum.

Stephanie Beaudoin is accused of breaking into 42 homes with three teen accomplices during a massive burglary spree across Quebec, reports NY Daily News.

Her exploits made international news after a Montreal newspaper surfaced a sizzling cheesecake pic of the 21-year-old stunner in a bikini.

"Step Aside, Mugshot Guy," a recent Mashable headline read, referring to smoldering stud Jeremy Meeks. "The World Has a New Hot Criminal."

'Stephanie Beaudoin can steal my heart any day,' one Twitter posting said.

Britain's The Mirror called the raven-haired cat burglar "the hottest thief on the planet."

Authorities say the nursing student was the ringleader of a "Bling Ring"-style gang that broke into empty homes through back doors or basement.

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