Donnie Yen suffers heat stroke scare while filming new movie

11 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Donnie Yen is known for risking his life on the set. While filming ICEMAN 3D, he experienced both hot and cold extremes. He had several fight scenes in the snowy and icy Changbai Mountain in May, and a major scene in Tuen Mun over 30 degrees heat. Donne Yen is used to large scale scenes, so this time was not too difficult for him. However, the sun was blazing during the shoot. Donnie was in the sun for several hours and had to move around in wide open space, reports On.ccIn the middle of the shoot, Donnie felt ill and looked pale like he had a heat stroke. He needed to sit and rest. Luckily, after rest and drinking some water to lower his temperature he recovered very quickly. Speaking of his suspected heat stroke, Donnie said, "That day was sunny. I sat to the side just to rest a little. Which one of my movies wasn't tough to shoot? I have been in even tougher situations. It's not all that special! However, after a shoot once as soon as I got home I had a fever, and had to take medicine and rest. The next day I was able to continue to work. My life is a tough one! "(Was this film very tough to make?) No, instead I feel with every shoot I hope to bring something new to the audience. The pressure that I give myself is worse than anything. This film I added some dark humour into, the film, hopefully the viewers will feel the freshness." 

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