Donnie Yen sues Chinese director who blamed him for failed movie

25 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Donnie Yen is suing Chinese director Tan Bing (Originally named Geng Weiguo) for twice blaming him in public for the failure of his film.Donnie appeared in Haidian district court in Beijing yesterday where the lawsuit was being heard. Yesterday the plaintiff and the defendant were both present in court, but there was no initial result. Mainland director Tan Bing last year twice publicly blamed Donnie Yen Chi Tan for his film Ultimate Decode (Jung Gik Sat Ma) not being able to start production. Donnie felt that his reputation was severely damaged and thus filed suit in February to demand a written apology and a compensation of 5 million RMB, and the court took the case. After over two hours the trial ended, and when Donnie left he said that everything was now in the lawyer's hands. He believed that Chinese laws will provide him with a reasonable and fair verdict. At the same time his legal representative said that if they win the case, the compensation will be donated to assist poor film students.

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