Donnie Yen sues China director who blamed him for failed film

23 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Donnie Yen has sued China director Geng Weiguo, also known as Tan Bing, for blaming him for failed film.Because of his performance in the film JUNG GIK DAI MA (ULTIMATE DECODING) Mainland director Geng Weiguo blasted him, reported TVB News World.Yen Chi Tan recently filed a lawsuit in the Mainland for a written apology from Geng Weiguo and 5 million RMB in compensation. Yen Chi Tan said that the legal process has begun so he did not want to make any comment. Was it because his reputation has been affected? He said, "It's something that I should do, I never talk much about this. I only take action when it exceeds my bottom line." He did not know when the case will be heard. Because he left the case with his lawyers he would not need to appear in court. Yen Chi Tan pointed out that his and his children's vision was poor. He had 600 degree myopia and astigmatism, 10 years ago he had laser vision correction surgery but now it has deteriorated a little; his children might have inherited their parents' myopia and already had 300 to 400 degree myopia at such young ages. Thus he felt being the ambassador to talk about vision protection with everyone was very meaningful. Yen Chi Tan would not take away his children's video game and television entertainment to keep their vision from, getting worse. He would rather attend more outdoor activities and come in contact with nature with them.Related:Donnie Yen's talks about his first marriageDonnie Yen's wife wants a sexy wedding photo shootWing Chun master can't afford to hire Donnie Yen for $7 million

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