Donnie Yen films new movie on top of 1,800m tall mountain

26 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

During the production of a movie in which Donnie Yen stars in, The Iceman Cometh in 3D, access to the location in which it was shot in, Changbai Mountain, was shut off to outsiders.According to an article in 88 News, Changbai Mountain is a tourist attraction in mainland China.Donnie Yen had said that the mountain was very hard to be get to, and he spends about two hours just to get up and down the mountain. 500 extras and 50 horses took part in the production on top of the 1600m tall mountain at an icy -18°C. Photos 1 to 5 show behind-the-scenes photos of Donnie Yen's new movie, while the rest of the gallery shows other related photos.

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