Don’t like? Don’t look, says local cosplayer on skimpy outfits

23 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Call it the underboob show, the breast display. I call it cosplay, reports Koh Hui Theng from The New Paper. 

No need to dial 999 for the decency police, people. Set real-life cops on real-life criminals, not those whom you deem guilty of baring way too much at costume events.

To the woman who called the police at last month's Anime Festival Asia 2013, why?

Why single out the young cosplayer dressed as Ryuko Matoi from popular anime Kill la Kill? Her "crime" - showing too much underboob - paled in comparison to what the actual character showed.

There are lines many cosplayers do not cross. Showing nipples is a no-go. Playing peekaboo with private parts? Definitely a boo-boo.

Are your eyes hurting from the cleavage attack? Sanity affected from supposed transgressions of taste? Turn away now. If you don't like what you see, then don't look.

Yes, I'm a cosplayer, someone who dresses up as a character from a manga (comic), anime (cartoon) or video game. Of course, I'm sympathetic towards my counterparts.

The rules are simple. If you're comfortable in another character's skin, go for it. It's fun. 

Read the full report in The New Paper. 

Images 1 and 2 show three female cosplayers who were in the sexiest costumes for the EOY Cosplay Festival 2013 held at the Marina Barrage (photos:  CHOO CHWEE HUA). The rest of the gallery shows other celebrities cosplaying. 

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