Does Linda Chung need a boob job? Here's what she thinks

22 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Linda Chung attended The Voice 60s evening banquet and appeared dressed in a costume from the 60s to fit with the theme. She revealed that the costume she had on was the same costume she used when she filmed Heavenly In-Laws.

"I'm so happy, I was 20 back then and after so many years, I can still fit into this dress. No matter how busy I am, I still take the time to do facials. I'm older now, so I really have to maintain myself."

Asked if she needed to get a boob job too, Linda laughed: "No need. I'm pretty confident and my size is pretty good."

According to a Tvbnewsworld article, when it was pointed out to her that she might get out of shape after having a baby, she responded: "This is a gift from God, the baby comes first."

Speaking about the best age to have a baby, Linda said: "The best is before age 35. But I won't have one until after marriage. I'm currently busy with my work." 

Does Linda also plan on publicising her relationship with Philip? Linda responded: "Even if it's friends, I will support them whether they have a concert or a new film out. I know it's been really tiring for him (Philip), and I hope to watch the film another time with him."

Asked if the two will get married when Philip wins an award, Linda answered: "When the timing is right, I'll get married. Work is my priority now."

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