Does Edison Chen have physical problems due to frequent 'sexcapades'?

17 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsPhotos: Jayne Stars, YoukuTabloids reported that Edison Chen (陳冠希) may be suffering some physical problems, thanks to his frequent sexcapades in the past several years.A recent report by Hong Kong’s Oriental Sunday magazine stated that Edison and his latest love interest, former sales employee Ann Hong (洪立安) from Taiwan, are heading towards a rough patch. Edison and Ann’s relationship was exposed last month by the Hong Kong media. It was said that Edison was “madly in love‘ with the ordinary Ann, who is disinterested in designer brands and great wealth.Ann frequently accompanied Edison during his business trips, but in his recent business trip to Shanghai and Beijing, he was seen checking into hotels alone.A close friend of Edison revealed, “Back then, they couldn’t bear not seeing each other for even a short while, but Ann hasn’t been around at all this month. Edison said she returned to Taiwan. At first, I thought it was because Ann discovered that Edison cheated on her, but Edison said it wasn’t. When I asked him again, he began to stutter, and excused himself by saying that he was feeling sick.‘Physical Problems?On January 9, Edison was spotted attending the grand opening of his friend’s shop in Shanghai. After the event was over, Edison, who had been looking tired and uncomfortable all night, went ahead to attend to his friends’ dinner party. Edison did not socialize much that night, and spent most of his time alone in a corner, texting on his phone.After the dinner, Edison was invited to deejay at a nearby nightclub. Although the crowd was high and passionate, Edison maintained a disinterested and distressed face.A few nights later, Edison and his friend were spotted hitting one of Shanghai’s most popular nightclubs, Three on the Bund. Barely two hours later, Edison left the club with his assistant.A source at the club disclosed, “Edison didn’t look very comfortable all night. He didn’t even react when the manager brought over some high quality girls to him.‘Edison returned to Hong Kong last weekend. Oriental Daily caught Edison chatting with a friend in the streets, and Edison was seen scratching his crotch for a few long minutes.Could it be that his sexcapades have finally given him physical problems?

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