Does Bosco Wong's supermodel GF have an illegitimate 10-year-old daughter?

22 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Ever since the announcement of Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) and Vanessa Yeung's (楊崢) relationship, rumours were continuing to surface one after another and increasingly ridiculous as well. Now, the latest rumour is Vanessa has a ten years old illegitimate daughter.

Vanessa accepted a telephone interview and denied the rumours, reports Asian E-News portal.

She said "Of course no such incident at all. The rumours are getting ridiculous even to the extent of losing control. I only have a laugh and forget the whole matter."

When asked about the statement of Christine Au (歐陽妙) slandered Vanessa of snatching Almen Wong's (黃佩霞) husband away, Vanessa clarified during the radio programme and said, "This happen ten years ago and I did reply to this. The parties involved have denied and it is very boring to keep discussing about the same old topic."

After finishing the programme, Vanessa proceeded to the carpark and before she got into Bosco's antique car, the reporters asked if she felt unhappy about the slander statement.

Vanessa replied "No, I do not feel any unhappiness. (Discuss with Bosco?) Nope. (Any regrets having a high profile relationship?) It is never high profile."

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