DJ Rosalyn Lee hits back at Yan Kaykay in Gushcloud saga

30 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

The Gushcloud Saga continues -- with DJ Rosalyn Lee roped in, presumably just because she is Xiaxue's friend.

Just a few days ago, Singapore blogger Xiaxue wrote a controversial alleged expose on Gushcloud.

Thereafter, on Dec 27, a Whatsapp conversation was leaked on Tumblr, showing the blogger advertising network co-founder Althea Lim and 58 other staff and influencers' private chats.

In it, blogger Yan Kaykay slams DJ Rosalyn Lee for being "old and irrelevant".

Here is part of the chat:

25 Dec 6:19 PM: Yan Kaykay: Sorry but I f**kin hate rozz. HOW old alr still joining this bs fight
25 Dec 6:23 PM: Yan Kaykay: Cos she’s another a** kisser. She hated xx. She was the one who told me xx is 1.47m tall. Cos she measured against herself then went to measure that height.
25 Dec 6:24 PM: Jeneen Goh: What a two-face!
25 Dec 6:27 PM: Yan Kaykay: Pls block rozz from ever stepping in GC. The last time I saw her face there I was like, what?? She dare to come here and shoot? Shld be lynched.
25 Dec 6:27 PM: Yan Kaykay: So so so rude
25 Dec 6:33 PM: Eunice Annabel: Rozz dAMn kaypo. Have so many things to say about her but it’s Christmas so f**k it lol
25 Dec 6:34 PM: Jamie Tan: Shes like xx’s sidekick is it? The other time about the saga with Eunice she also had her piece to say lol
25 Dec 6:35 PM: Yan Kaykay: She’s getting old and irrelevant. The tattoos bad girl vibe is dAMn passe. So every drAMa she wants a say so ppl rem who she is

The full Whatsapp chat log can be seen here.

After a few days, Rozz has finally released her response on Facebook yesterday (Dec 29).

See Rosalyn Lee's response here:

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