DJ Mike Kasem in hot demand after publicly calling for Valentine's Day dates

8 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

To all the shy women out there, US radio personality Mike Kasem wants you to write in to win a date with him this Valentine's Day.Since embarking on this journey to meet his soulmate via The New Paper's date-a-celeb series, which was launched on Monday, he has been touched by those who have shared their stories on www.tnp.sgThe application forms are on our website and the closing date is the end of this week. Kasem, 39, said that like many people, he too has deep-seated insecurities - at 1.72m tall, he feels "girls won't give me a second look" because of his height.The Class 95 DJ, who suggested a topless photo shoot, told TNP: "I'm stripping to put myself in a vulnerable position and I hope that women out there will also be open to being vulnerable and not be afraid to write in. I could meet someone very special."He added: "Some girls have been refreshingly honest to say that they had no idea who I was when they wrote in and just wanted to give love a shot."I would love to find someone that I'm truly compatible with."He joked: "I would have taken off my pants as well to show how serious I am, but the photographer wouldn't allow it."He once longed to be 1.8m tall, but has since learnt to live with his height and count his blessings.Kasem, who is of Irish-Lebanese descent, said he has always been in good health and has a fantastic metabolism.

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