DJ Ken Low's lawyer: Touching a woman's chest does not mean molest

6 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

DJ Ken Low's lawyer said that touching a woman's chest does not necessarily mean molest.Siow Hui Mei's friend, Ding Yi Cheng (丁奕澄, pictured) testified in court that while she was sleeping she felt a pressure on her right upper chest and her right ear licked.Surprised, she awoke, and saw Ah Ken lying beside her.Although she had been drunk, she said she knew it was not a dream or her imagination.Ding said she was scared and asked Ah Ken: Are you okay? Are you drunk? Shall I call May for you?She said Ah Ken had shaken his head, then she rushed to the bathroom to wash the ear that had been licked. When she came out, she saw Ah Ken standing by the room door and then he sat on the floor of the hall.She again asked him if she should wake May up, but Ah Ken only shook his head and left.DJ Ah Ken's lawyer responded that the statements given so far in court were confused, and pointed out that Ding had shown in court how she was touched by Ah Ken by putting her hand on her upper left chest, but said it was her breast."Touching the left chest, is not the breast, so how can that be molest? How can you say your breasts were groped?" said the female lawyer.Meanwhile, Ah Ken told Shin Min reporters via a long distance phone call that he doesn't know what to say, and that it is not suitable for, him to respond to any questions.However, he said he and May were still quite OK in regard to the incident, and she had stopped hosting since the incident came to light on May 21.His elder sister said she believed her brother and hoped that his innocence would soon be revealed.ASTRO TV host Siow Hui Mei told a court hearing that Singapore UFM 100.3 radio DJ Ken Low touched her breasts while she was asleep in a hotel room.Low, 28, was charged with molesting her and another woman friend.

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