Divorced Gaile Lok happily enjoys freedom and wealth

26 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsRecently divorced from Leon Lai (黎明), Gaile Lok (樂基兒) is rumored to be having the time of her life being single and wealthy after receiving $50 million HKD and 3 detached houses in San Francisco, California. Gaile was spotted with a smiling face everywhere she had traveled recently such as New Zealand, San Francisco, Bali and Tokyo. Although divorced, Gaile appears to enjoy her new found freedom and single status.Although Gaile had denied the rumor that her friend, Cuz, was the one who had broken up her marriage, the two rumored lovebirds once again were spotted in New Zealand recently. They were seen at a local takeout place, Ti Bay Takeaways, and appeared to very loving. The two were allegedly hugging and kissing while they tried to feed each other food.It was reported that Cuz does not have a stable job as he is only a part-time surfing instructor. Gaile is planning to invest 100,000 RMB along with her friends to buy a beach at Bali in order for him to become a private surfing instructor. In addition, Gaile is reportedly willing to throw away her comfortable lifestyle and live with Cuz in a small and a low cost beach house. She is also busy learning how to surf and supporting Cuz in his new venture.Working in TokyoEnjoying her carefree and happy lifestyle, Gaile was spotted dining at a local sushi restaurant after a commercial shoot in Tokyo. She appeared to be in a good mood chatting continuously with the Japanese employees and the owner of the production company despite the language barrier. Afterwards, the owner drove Gaile to the Tokyo Tower and other popular tourist places to do some sightseeing.While she was working in Tokyo , Gaile was questioned by a reporter on the dating rumors. However, she refused to address it due to a divorce agreement of not disclosing any relationships issues within a year. Her manager, Joe Chan (陳善之) told the media in Hong Kong that he will not talk about her personal life other than what Gaile is willing to reveal.

Gaile Lok
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