Distasteful? Taiwan model wears outfit made of raw salmon

10 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Yummy or yucky? That's the debate surrounding the latest photo shoot of Ili Zheng, a petite Taiwanese model who draped her body with raw salmon.According to reports in Daily Chilli, Ettoday and Wow! News, it seemed that Ili has taken a page out of Lady Gaga's fashion guidebook for her latest stint. Done in the name of a creative collaboration between the budding model and Leo Liao, a musician and fashion entrepreneur, the photoshoot had Ili wearing a tube top and hot pants with pieces of raw salmon on her body.While her fans have lapped it up, the shots have sparked criticism on the internet, with some netizens calling the pictures "tasteless".Many consider Ili an attention-seeking celebrity wannabe.

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