Disfigured woman stuns Korean TV show audience with her shocking transformation

11 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

A beautiful Korean woman stunned a television show audience after undergoing several surgeries to correct her facial deformities.

In the July 31 episode of "Let Me In", the audience collectively exclaimed in surprise when the newly-transformed Kim Hee-Eun was revealed, reports AsiaOne.

The makeover show features people with physical defects, and documents their journey in plastic surgery to better their looks and lives.

The Korea BizWire reported that Kim, who is in her mid-30s, suffered from port wine stain (nevus flammeus), a type of birthmark in which swollen blood vessels cause a reddish-purplish skin discolouration.

Her birthmark grew, deformed her upper lip and caused the right side of her face to droop. Small, reddish-purple spots were also scattered across her right cheek and the discolouration extended to her gums.

In the show, Ms Kim shared that her facial deformities became obstacles for socialising and finding a job. She was also seen tearing up when talking about her condition.

Before she underwent the corrective surgeries, it was evident that she was very conscious of her disfigurement as she was frequently seen covering the right side of her face with her hand in interviews and old photos.

The plastic surgeons participating in the show decided that she needed an operation to correct her bimaxillary protrusion and also did additional corrective jaw surgeries.

After her transformation, she smiled radiantly before the audience as they complimented her and discussed the medical procedures she went through to achieve her stunning look.

She also gamely removed part of her makeup to show that the skin discolouration was gone.

In addition, the online shopping mall where Kim works as a freelance web designer reportedly gifted her a dress as a show of support for those who were discriminated against because of their physical appearance.

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