Disfigured victim of vicious attack finally removes her masks -- after 2 years of 30 surgeries

6 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Dana Vulin was just 26 years old when she had methylated spirits thrown in her face and was set on fire in a vicious attack by a jealous girl -- after which she had to undergo over 30 surgeries.

The Australian beauty’s life dramatically changed, and she had to undergo 30 surgeries in a span of 30 months for the major third-degree burns that covered 64 percent of her body, according to Medical Daily.

She was forced to wear a protective mask throughout the years of recovery, which she said made her feel “like a nothing and a no one”. 

The incident occurred when Vulin was in her own home alone. A woman named Natalie Dimitrovska broke into her home while under the influence of drugs on February 16, 2012.

Dimitrovska’s estranged husband had spoken to Vulin on several occasions. She admitted that she was jealous of Vulin’s beauty, and in her desperation to fix her marriage, she broke into Vulin’s house to douse her with methylated alcohol to set her on fire.

Previously, Dimitrovska had threated Vulin with phone calls, haunting her with a promise to "ruin her pretty little face."

Vulin, left for dead by Dimitrovska, was found by her neighbours and immediately rushed to the hospital where she was placed in a medically induced coma.

Vulin said, during an interview: "I hope they'll see strength, power, confidence, self-respect, courage, determination — so I hope they see through the scars and see Dana.

"Actually, you know what? I hope they see the scars because it's a part of me now and they see a new Dana. I am who I am and this is it. It's overwhelming — I'm glad I can start living my life now. In my wildest dreams in the beginning, I didn't for one second think I could look in the mirror and see the old Dana again."

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