Director of S'pore's first crime thriller movie only wants to use real guns and bullets

19 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

By Boon Chan,
The Straits Times,
Wednesday, February 18

The film re:solve is billed as Singapore's first action crime thriller, and making it certainly took resolve on the part of director Randy Ang.

Speaking at a press conference at Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen on Tuesday, he said:

"I've always liked watching cop thrillers from young and I wondered why no one in Singapore dared to do one. Then I made one and realised how hard it was."

There was a chorus of nos when it came to location filming, especially when firearms were involved.

Ang, 35, said: "My requirements were simple. I wanted to use real guns and bullets and it wasn't easy to get the permits to have explosions and gunfights in this bustling city."

The $1.2 million movie opens in cinemas on Feb 27. In it, Inspector Chen Shaoqiang, played by Taiwan's Chris Lee Chih-cheng, tries to solve a series of daring armed heists and murders.

They appear linked to a botched mission from his Special Tactics Unit days, one which resulted in the death of his mentor Wu Tianle (Sunny Pang).

The cast also includes Taiwan's Mico Chang Wei-chun as well as more familiar faces, including local actors Yuan Shuai, Pamelyn Chee, Zheng Geping and Zhu Houren.

Given the plot twists, however, they did not reveal too much about the roles they played. Pang, 42, was the action choreographer as well - and he ended up hurting his left thumb in a fight scene.

It swelled up and he could not bend it for six months. The action scenes also included Mico Chang giving Chris Lee a slap.

She said: "I was very happy doing it as it was my first time hitting someone in a film." The film also marks Ang's feature debut and he has thought about what he wanted to put in it.

He said: "Local films often depict housing estates and the lives of ordinary people. Singapore is a prosperous city but we don't see that in our films so I wanted to use that here."

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