The different types of handsome male celebs in Asia

5 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Entertainment website Jaynestars attempt to review the traditional notion of male attractiveness represented by Chinese stars in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong and the popular Korean “Flower Boy‘.Traditional Male Aesthetic ‘“ Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and KoreaFeatures:1. Height is an advantage2. Nice frame/ build3. Handsome features4. PersonalityTypically there are some features we look for in a handsome Asian man. Height is an advantage; we like a tall man with a good build, broad shoulders. He should have a face with nice features. It doesn’t have to be perfect but there should be something about his face that is likeable. The traditional male aesthetic is a man who can provide for his loved ones and is a good specimen of his gender.Differentiation: Taiwanese Male StarsTaiwanese male stars are portrayed as considerate, romantic lovers in dramas. They are not shy to spout sweet saccharin words to the female lead in dramas.Differentiation: Korean Male Stars (Not Flower Boy)Korean male stars are also portrayed as romantic partners which a macho manliness.Differentiation: China Male StarsChina male stars are strait laced and traditional. Their charm lays in their traditional gender roles, reminiscent of a throwback to the Confucian ethic, the gentleman. And yes, their mastery of the Chinese language makes it sounds cultured and poetic.Differentiation: Hong Kong Male StarsHong Kong male stars are urbane, sophisticated and cool. They are streetwise and worldly. They are down to earth, practical and very believable.Korean “Flower Boy‘ Looks like:Thin faceYoungLong lanky limbsTall, lanky frameV shaped chinAccepting of Visible EyelinerLike a drawn sketch of a manga character, the Korean “Flower Boy‘ looks like he stepped right out of the living pages of a comic book. He has a tall, lanky frame which shows off his clothes hanger physique. He can have some muscles if he likes but overall he must look thin and not bulky. Male celebrities with underdeveloped muscle tone are accepted. Typically like a youthful teenager, the charm of the Korean man lies in his romantic gestures and his propensity for love.His audience comprises of pre-pubescents and teenagers, the young at heart and even married housewives and mothers, meaning his charm know no bounds.Why is he attractive?Trying to summarize the charm of the Korean “Flower Boy‘, I can only surmise that he brings a comforting throwback to those comic book characters that we grew up with. His youthfulness symbolizes eternal youth. His innocence is attractive, his earnestness, his idealism that he can change the world and make it better place gives hope. His mannerisms are cool and trendy. You will fall in love with his adorableness, like a young puppy.Why is eyeliner attractive?Here I attempt to shed some light on why the use of eyeliner, even if visible, is acceptably attractive in a Korean popular culture. Eyeliner, if worn correctly on anyone, man or woman, can make one look more attractive. The eyes look bigger, brighter and more prominent, unless of course, one did not draw it well, upon which it may have an unintentional adverse effect. Eyeliner, long used by Western rock stars, hints at a rebelliousness nature. Couple with the Korean “Flower Boy‘ who wears a hint of rebellion, viola! You have your bad boy with a hint of danger and excitement.Detractors and Dissidents:Too girlish. Lack of manliness. Looks like a boy, not a man.

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