Did you know that Nicholas Cage almost played the role of Superman?

14 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

New York Daily News featured a behind-the-scenes photo showing Nicolas Cage's Superman test costume for "Superman Lives" which was tweeted this week by DC Movies. A photo of the Academy-Award winning actor in his test costume from an aborted attempt to reboot Superman in the mid-‘˜90s emerged on the Internet this week.The previously unseen photo gave a glimpse of what might have been had screenwriter Kevin Smith and director Tim Burton been able to get "Superman Lives" up, up and away. With it's rubber muscle-padding, the costume looks a lot like the Bat suit that Michael Keaton wore in Burton's "Batman."The picture was uploaded on DC Movies’ Twitter feed just days after Slashfilms reported that filmmaker Jon Schnepp (“Venture Bros.‘) took to kickstarter to fund a documentary on the blockbuster that never was.View the gallery below to see more of such behind-the-scenes images from Hollywood.

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