Did Thai transgender Nong Poy ditch BF for co-star Louis Koo?

3 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Thai transgender actress Nong Poy was reported to have skipped dinner after Louis Koo, her co-star in the film The White Storm, jokingly teased her about her appearance.

According to a qq.com report, the 28-year-old actress was in Hong Kong last month to meet with the director and producer of the film over dinner.

Louis, who was also at the meeting, teased Poy: "Ah! You are fatter now!"

While that may seem as an innocent joke, Poy was said to be affected by it, and gave dinner a miss as a result.

That joke, however, may not be enough to break what is reported as a budding romance between the pair, after sparks were said to have flown during filming.

A subsequent announcement by Poy that she is now single, having broken up with her boyfriend, fuelled the rumour mill even further.

The affection that Poy reportedly has for Koo was attributed as the reason why she ditched her boyfriend, though she has insisted that Louis is no 'third party' in her relationship.

In an media interview, she said: "He [Louis] only treats me like a younger sister. I don't feel that he is wooing me. Please do not drag him into the picture. Do not ruin his reputation.

Poy and her ex-boyfriend starting dating in 2008, and were both comfortable with showing their love in public.

Poy even described her ex-boyfriend as a potential marriage partner and that she planned to get married at 30.

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