Did T-ara's Hyomin plagarise lyrics? She clears accusations

3 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

T-ara's Hyomin, who recently made her solo debut with mini-album 'Nice Body,' addressed the plagiarism controversy as some people brought up similarities between the lyrics of her self-composed song "Overcome" and rap lyrics by Block B's Zico.

For example, "Overcome" included lines like "What's the point of healed wounds when they leave scars," "The sun shining through the barred windows and the bleakness mix with my loneliness," "My hardened skin must have been permeated by emotions, my heart is deafened," "But failure gives yet another possibility. Don't forget the right way to live," which were noted to come from Block B's "Movie's Over," and Zico's "The God Has Replied," "Dead Leaves" and "Brilliant Is" respectively, reports allkpop.

Hyomin tweeted, "When I first started working, I received a lot of of help from people, including [Zico's older brother and SPEED member] Taewoon, and those were the parts for which I received help from Zico after getting in touch with him.

"It was not readily revealed because we had to be careful about disclosing the parts for which I received consent, which in turn seems to have upset the fans, so I deeply apologize..

"There were a lot of people who helped me with many aspects while preparing this album, so I am sincerely grateful."

Zico also cleared all suspicions by stating,"The truth is that she went to work after getting my consent since she said she wanted to pay homage to a few lines from my mixtape. I am sincerely sorry for not revealing this beforehand to all the fans who love my music."

Hyomin was also recently accused of plagarising a scene from Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" MV, in which a girl had a toy car rolled on her back and in Hyomin's teaser video, she also did exactly the same scene.

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