Did stuntman get possessed on set of Nick Cheung's horror movie?

12 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai's directing debut, the horror film MENG LAN SUN GUNG started production in Malaysia, reports Mingpao. Two nights ago Carrie Ng Ka Lai's Cantonese Opera scene was shot. She had nothing but praise for the director as he was very attentive during the shoot; she was very pleased with her look, which was said to resemble Liza Wang Ming Chuen's Cantonese Opera look.Cheung Ka Fai yesterday attended the production start ceremony with Ng Ka Lai, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Malaysian actress Cathryn Lee Yuen Ling, veteran actor Lam Wai and others. He thanked many Best Actor friends who offered their help, but he wanted to absorb more experience before working with them. Lau Sum Yau said that she rarely made horror films and hoped to gain more experience form this time.The film just started production but already rumors flew about Cheung Ka Fai's hotel change and a stunt person's suspected "possession". He said, "There are just erroneous reports. I am an insomniac, the hotel curtains didn't block light well and the air conditioning was very noisy so I changed hotels. During a fire scene, a stunt person sat alone and everyone thought he was possessed. Actually he just needed rest after inhaling heavy smoke." As for his muscle training having severe impact on his, health, Cheung Ka Fai explained, "I don't encourage normal people to train like this, I did only because I had a duty. However my health is good." He felt that recently becoming a target for parody was no big deal for him.

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