Did Lin Chi-Ling secretly get married in Japan?

17 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Asian FanaticsThe Taiwanese model reportedly tied the knot with a young Chinese entertainment magnate in Japan.Lin Chi-Ling has constantly denied talk of marriage with her rumoured boyfriend, Taiwanese businessman Qiu Shi Kai. However, speculations on Lin Chi-Ling's love life have arisen again as reports suggest that the 38-year-old has secretly registered her marriage with Chinese entertainment magnate, Meng Qing Song, in Japan.It was love at first sight when the pair met on a plane six months ago. They were reportedly smitten with each other and started dating soon afterward.Chi-Ling is also believed to have secretly tied the knot with Qing Song in Japan, the country where the couple pledged their love.The Taiwanese model's manager dismissed these claims, commenting, 'It's so hilarious. [Chi-Ling] don't even know this guy. She's too busy to date right now.'Qing Song, 30, is a well-known artiste manger and film producer. Due to his outstanding performance in the showbiz industry, he has been regarded as the 'most influential person under 30 years old' in China.

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