Did Lawrence Ng slam Kenneth Ma's acting on set?

26 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

A source claims that Lawrence Ng is not impressed with his costar, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), the star of the last The Hippocratic Crush installment. Lawrence allegedly talked behind Kenneth’s back with Kenneth’s close acquaintances.He said Kenneth’s acting is very wooden and that his TV King win in Malaysia last year was a complete joke, according to Three Weekly via ihktv.com.Kenneth said that he has never heard of such rumours. “[The rumor] said [Lawrence] criticized my acting, but I’ve never heard it with my own ears so I won’t believe it. Even if he really does think my acting is bad, I believe that he is giving me a lesson and not criticizing me."According to recent rumors, Lawrence’s former glory as the noble and romantic Dr. Paul Ching has now been tainted by his poor professionalism on the set of The Hippocratic Crush 2. A crew member from the set of the drama complained that Lawrence was always late for filming. The source said, “A crew member said that he is always late for studio bookings. He was once two hours late. Although he is a professional actor, and rarely commits outtakes, he is always late and that ruins the entire run down schedule of the day. The crew is not very happy with him.‘

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