Did Karena Ng lie about her family to mix with rich men?

9 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago
As the public is still struggling to accept Raymond Lam and Karena Ng's 14-year age gap, the vast difference between their family backgrounds is also under scrutiny.
According to an article in Popular Asians, Karena had claimed that her father opened a restaurant in Macau.

However, it has been revealed that behind the facade, Karena comes from a mediocre family background and has been lying about her family so that she can mix with men from the elite circle.

Earlier media reports revealed that Karena’s father is actually a hawker selling roast pork in the Sha Kok estate in Sha Tin and Karena’s family had lived in a public housing estate.

Since young, her mother placed high hopes on her to get them out of the public housing estate.

However, Karena did not fare well in her studies.

After she graduated from Form 5 in high school, she only managed to get into Hong Kong University’s School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) for her Associate Degree.

As a teenager, Karena was already very attractive and she was already toting a Louis Vuitton bag to school.

Because of her sharp Eurasian features, Karena joined modeling to climb up the social ladder.

While filming a commercial, she was discovered by film producer Raymond Wong who cast her in a leading role, for her debut movie, Magic to Win.

Shortly after entering the entertainment industry, Karena spent her time partying with the high society.

She was popular among the wealthy second-generation heirs, and was rumored with Howard Lam and former Miss Hong Kong Ellen Wong’s son, Derek Lim.

Karena and Derek were often photographed hanging around nightclub hot spots, Dragon-i and Volar.

After she met Raymond after filming Love is Pyjamas, Karena dumped Derek for the richer Raymond.

To make Raymond happy, Karena allegedly curbed her partying ways and has since become a demure and affectionate girlfriend.

Appearing at a promotional event for Vivienne Westwood yesterday, Karena was confronted about reports that she had lied that her father had a restaurant in Macau and was instead a hawker who chopped roast pork for a living.

At first, Karena did not directly respond, “My parents have a good life in Australia; fortunately they did not see these reports.

‘Asked if her father had chopped roast pork, Karena denied and said, “I have already accepted many publications’ interviews.

Everyone will understand when they read the details.‘
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