Did Joel Chan lose slimming deal because of Florinda Ho?

10 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Since Joel Chan broke up with Florinda Ho, his dream of having a luxurious lifestyle was dashed.Packing on extra pounds recently, Joel was approached by a beauty company, Regen Medical Group, to be the spokesperson for their slimming ad. Both parties were discussing the terms and the deal was almost finialized except for the endorsement fees. Joel also gave a lot of ideas during the discussion and was hoping to incorporate fashion into the ad. It was slated to shoot in Korea, reported ihktv.During that time, Joel ended his relationship with Florinda. When Florinda flew to London, perhaps Joel was eager to patch things up with her; he suddenly went missing for two weeks before he could sign the contract. The ad agency was looking for him frantically but unfortunately, Joel was not contactable.Eventually, Joel could not salvage his relationship with Florinda. Realizing that he needed a job, he reportedly went back to the beauty company and asked for a 7-figure endorsement fee. Joel has been jobless for a while and his exorbitant asking price frightened the company off. Besides, his sudden disappearance earlier was not well regarded. The beauty company decided not to use him.Reporters called the beauty company to clarify on the matter, with a representative stating, “We did indeed, talk to Joel and in the end due to some minor issues, the deal was called off.‘ When asked if Joel had asked for a 7-figure sum, the representative replied, “It’s inconvenient to talk about fees.‘Earlier, a report said that film producer, Stephen Siu was interested to cast Joel in his soft porn movie Due West: Our Sex Journey and willing to pay $1million HKD for Joel to go nude in his movie. When reporters called Stephen again, he said, “I am still keen to cast Joel in the movie but the director is now busy with other projects, thus there is no further progress.‘Since he broke up with Florinda Ho, Joel was back to living his former lifestyle and staying at his old house. In contrary, Florinda seems to have moved on and started her new life. Florinda has been actively losing weight and smiled happily when spotted in public. Florinda reportedly has been selling the clothes and shoes that were gifts from Joel to used clothing shop Chew Close.Joel evidently offended TVB when he was dating Florinda. He neglected TVB work and took long vacations in Europe with Florinda instead. Since Joel has parted ways with Florinda, will he go back to act for TVB? Virginia Lok commented, “TVB did not receive any calls from Joel showing his interest in coming back to act.‘On the other hand,, producer Lee Tim Sing is supportive of Joel, “People go through good and bad times. Young people need a job; if I have any suitable roles for Joel later, I will include him.‘

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