Did Jay Chou bring GF Hannah Quinlivan to France to get married secretly?

21 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Is Jay Chou planning on marrying girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan overseas and in secret?

That is the question posed by many after the Taiwanese singer-actor was spotted with his mother and Quinlivan at the airport a few days ago, reported Apple Daily.

The sighting led to speculation that they may be heading to France to register their marriage away from the public eye.

The report added that the group supposedly chose to transit in Dubai instead of flying straight to France.

This all came about after Chou revealed in an earlier interview that he intended to settle down when he is 35, an age that he hit last month, and his desire to become a father and his fear of having a huge age gap between his child and him.

However, the rumours were quashed by Quinlivan's manager, who revealed that she is actually holidaying in Europe, and not getting married as reported.

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